The food is good for bettas

Betta fish or Betta splendens are wild fish distributed in Southeast Asia including Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. In addition to their natural environment, they reside in rice fields, ponds, lagoons … generally in all shallow and still water. Suitable temperature for bettas from 27 to 30 degrees C, soft water, neutral pH or slightly acidic. Males often choose well-shielded positions such as in rice bushes, algae or under fallen leaves … to make foam nests and lure females to lay eggs. Each spawning, the female lays hundreds of eggs, eggs hatch after about 1 day. The fry are cared for by the father in the bubble nest for another 3 days until they begin to swim freely and enter independent life.The food is good for bettas The most popular foods for bettas these days:
1. Dry food (pellets and plates): I often feed bettas to supplement the missing nutrients, because when eating raw foods, some substances may be lacking. Although a betta may be picky eating, if you practice it, it will get used to it
2. Frozen food: I have never tried it, anyone who feeds Betta with frozen food can advise me
3. Fresh food: Includes baby fish, loins, worms, bobo (mainly for baby bettas) … Fresh food is being used by both professional and amateur people because it is cheap. , easy to find and bettas love it too.
4. Other foods (larvae available in water, organic debris …)
If you see the lack of any dishes, please add them, then tell them which is the best dish for the betta