Do Bettas like Big Tanks?

By | February 11, 2020

Fish pets are a common thing as people love keeping elaborate fishing tanks and aquariums at their place of residence or office. They love to mix and match different fish species together to create an ecosystem for them in which they can prevail easily. Just like many fishes one of the fish types that are quite popular for their vibrant colors is bettas. One can choose the best betta fish tank for their pet betta to keep them healthy and hearty.

About betta

Do Bettas like Big Tanks?

Betta’s name is from the warrior’s clan name “Bettah”. They were given this name because of the fish fighting tradition in Thailand, where the jing took to regulating and taxing the sport. In this, the bettors use to bet on the bravest fish and not on the strongest fish.

Their origin is from southeast parts of Asia, where they use to live in the paddy fields, flood plains, and drainage ditches. Now that the paddies, flood plains, and drainage ditches are quite common to face drought frequencies and flash floods, these fishes got accustomed to them. this is the reason why bettas adapted and got environmentally more strong as they became “labyrinth fishes”.

Labyrinth fishes are those who live in extreme places and thus learns to breathe air and take oxygen from water using their gills as well. due to this quality, they become quite a survivor in extreme environmental conditions. Bettas can even survive a small period out of the water as they can directly breathe oxygen form air, however, they must stay moist. Also this the reason why bettas can survive in small stagnant waters as well which tends to be oxygen deficient.

Petting facts about bettas

Do Bettas like Big Tanks?

  • Bettas can be up to 3 inches in length.
  • Their life span can be of around 3 years.
  • Their tank should have only 1 male or female betta.
  • They can survive with other fishes.
  • They can survive in non-aerated aquariums as well.
  • The water ph should be around 6.5 to 7 that is slightly acidic

Food habits

Bettas are known to eat directly from the water surface of their water habitat. One can buy commercial food pellets for them which is both rich in fiber and protein. The most common food requirements for them are brine shrimp, dried bloodworm and daphnia. In store-bought pellets, these things are already included thus making their food richer. Good food is what is the key to the betta’s long life and vibrant colors.

Betta behavior

Betta is quite commonly known for their aggressive behavior tendencies and thus they need to keep separate. Usually, these fishes have a territorial tendency and also tend to attack the other male fishes if they are more attractive. Usually in aquariums, if they are kept with other male fishes the fights can lead to death, and that is why they are best kept in solitary water only. however, the female bettas can still be friendly enough to swim around with a few other fish types.

Also, female fishes should not be kept with the male fishes because this can also lead to fights. Though mostly the bettas tend to attack the male fishes only, at times they can attack the female ones too. so to avoid killing each other, they should be kept separately and should be brought together only for mating.

Setting up a fish tank

Do Bettas like Big Tanks?

Several things should be kept in mind while picking the best betta fish tank. Just because these fishes can survive in oxygen-deficient stagnant water, it does not mean that they should be put in small vases and fish bowls. One should take into consideration the behavior of the fish, the optimal requirement for the fish to live and grow and the lifestyle of the owner and carer before choosing a fish tank for a betta.

Yes! Get a bigger tank

Longer periods in smaller fish bowls and vases can be quite harmful to the health of the betta. They also require consistent exercise and space to keep swimming around. Therefore it is important to have an optimally large fish tank for them to stay in. now, of course, one needs to take into consideration the space the pet owner has, and getting a very large tank can be cumbersome. So one can get a smaller fish tank that has enough space for the fish to swim in.

Bigger tanks are better because they give space for the exercise of the fish, keeps them healthy, give bettas enough space of other fishes are to bet let there and make sure that the water is of good quality. Minimal size should be 1 gallon and maximum should around 5 gallons. Fish tank shape usually does not matter, and thus one can choose according to their liking.

Quality of water

Do Bettas like Big Tanks?

Water plays the most crucial thing in the fish’s life health and their growing cycle, thus it is important to kee the aquarium conditions optimum. The water quality should be kept according to the betta fishes’ habitual conditions. The water temperature should be around 70 to 82 Fahrenheit as these fishes are tropical.

Choose a good heater for their aquarium keeping in mind that each gallon should have a 5-watt heater. Also if the aquarium is long then one may require heaters on both sides to keep the warmth well distributed, make it a point that the heater is next to the filter, as this will help in distributing the warm water throughout.

Also check if the water that runs at your place is rich in chlorine if so, put dechlorinator (only a drop) into the water. try to keep the water natural and do not wash fish tank ornaments with any disinfectant. use turkey blaster if the need is to remove debris from the tank bottom, to avoid bacterial growth.


Bettas are aggressive fish, but one cannot deny the fact that they are superbly beautiful and thus is one of the fishes that one would like to keep at home. However, it is important to keep the fish’s health in mind and therefore optimum temperature, PH, salinity, size of tank should be considered. bettas need bigger sized tanks with clean water that is filtered and warm.