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The food is good for bettas

Betta fish or Betta splendens are wild fish distributed in Southeast Asia including Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. In addition to their natural environment, they reside in rice fields, ponds, lagoons … generally in all shallow and still water. Suitable temperature for bettas from 27 to 30 degrees C, soft water, neutral pH or slightly acidic.… Read More »

Do Bettas like Big Tanks?

Fish pets are a common thing as people love keeping elaborate fishing tanks and aquariums at their place of residence or office. They love to mix and match different fish species together to create an ecosystem for them in which they can prevail easily. Just like many fishes one of the fish types that are… Read More »

How Often Should You Groom a Horse?

However, the all-inclusive grooming and horse care must include a routine visit from the farrier to keep their shoes and hooves in a great condition. Now, the horse grooming kit is available in many online stores and it serves for lots of purposes. However, it will not only groom your horse, but also strengthen your… Read More »