Congratulations to Annie Reno of Connecticut on her purchase of Leandro. We wish them all the best in their bid to represent the USA in the Para Dressage Championships at the 2014 World Equestrian Games in Normandy, France.


Congratulations to Alexa Kelly on her purchase of Ulex.

“Thank you David and Nicholas for this amazing horse! We love Ulex very much and he’s really loving California with Alexa!” Tracey Hill (trainer) Concord, California


Congratulations to Maryann Miller of Ogden, Utah on her purchase of VIP.


Congratulations to Bill Kennedy of Ontario.




Congratulations!! Sold to student of Cindy Snowden.

Boston, Mass. USA

Chris K

Congratulations to Anita Berkis on the purchase of Chris K.

“He’s so beautiful. I can’t wait to start riding him.”

Anita Berkis, Ontario


Congratulations Jenna Verenka on the purchase of Lennox.

“I adore this horse.”

Jenna Verenka, Ontario


Congratulations Jon Costin on the purchase of Wilbur.

Jon Costin, Ontario


Congratulations Carole Brazeau on the purchase of Pippin.

“He is wonderful, attentive, and well trained but above all he is the match that I have been looking for for so many years.”

Carole Brazeau, Quebec


Congratulations to Vanessa Warren on the purchase of Mattson.

“I still can’t believe he’s mine. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Vanessa Warren, Ontario


Congratulations to Cathy Williams on the purchase of Davenport.

Cathy Williams, Ontario


Congratulations to Kristi Bloom on the purchase of RATINA.

“Ratina is here! I am amazed and speechless. She stepped off the truck and captivated the entire crowd. I have to comment on how impeccably groomed she is. Wow. That just added to the thrill. Her coat is really lovely (you feed well!) as is everything about her! I liked that she arrived with a good sensible sense of fashion: a warm winter coat, appropriate footwear, and a Chanel bag!”

Kristi Bloom, Minnesota


Congratulations to Nita Hoselton on the purchase of the FEI pony, PANJA.

“Let Kellie and Olivia know she is much loved and she will have a wonderful life teaching me the wonderful world of dressage and giving me back the confidence I once had. By the way David you are a lovely rider, no wonder Panja is so lovely!!! I will send photos of her new home soon.”

Nita Hoselton, Illinois


Congratulations to Vivian DeMerchant on the purchase of KEIREN.

“Thanks again for this wonderful horse.”

Vivian Demerchant, New Brunswick